Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Wasted # 2

I am such a sucker for horoscopes. Its the first thing I look for, in a newspaper or a magazine. While browsing,,, I read all my daily, weekly, monthly, career, money horoscopes. And then the chinese horoscopes (I'm a rabbit) and Numerology (Number 5). In recent times, I have stopped reading Love horoscopes (because for me, they are totally irrelevant), Tarot card readings (because they look a bit fluke-y to me) and Teen horoscopes (because I'm not a teen anymore *sob sob*). The start of any new month is exciting for me for hopes of interesting times, change of weather, new birthdays , pay day, but especially because the new monthly horoscopes would be updated (pathetic, na?)

My most favorite horoscopes were published in the London Paper, which was a free evening paper that I used to grab from the guy outside London Bridge Underground Station on my way back from university. Sadly, London Paper couldn't fight the Recession and had to eventually wind up.

However, the most interesting fact is that the minute I log off these horoscope webpages or turn over the pages in the newspapers/magazines, I forget what the horoscope said and carry on. For the life of me, I never remember a word of any of the forecasts that I read.

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