Monday, 15 March 2010

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Minority Rights!

Yesterday was seriously bad! With 8 bomb blasts in beloved Lahore, everyone was scared to death! When bombs start blowing right up your backyard, there is no other way than becoming a scared piece of whimpering shit!

Today was a befitting aftermath: deserted roads and a lifeless Lahore. The terrorists got what they wanted. Crippling local economy, sucking the soul of the city, they must be feeling like Gods after seeing the panic and fear last night!
There must a million other avenues these blasts must have affected, directly and indirectly, but I was thinking of those petty theives who earn up their 'dihaaris' in the evenings when the eating-out and shugal mela that is the cultural identity of Lahore, is at its peak!

These sneaks are as much a part of our culture as eating out. Subconsciously, one is trained not to flast their Iphones in public, or open up your window when talking on a cellphone at a traffic signal. Tidbits like leaving your wallet in plain view in a locked car or travelling alone(especially if you are a girl) with cash, is a big NO NO!!!

When panic such as yesterday's, result in people sucking up their lollipops in their houses and barren bazaars, how do these 'thugs' survive? Do they starve in their homes as well? Are they among the unfortunates blown up too? Are they as against terrorism on the major level as the next door plumber, given that they use the same tactics on a smaller scale to earn their 'livelihood'? Does attacks like these make them question their scruples and cook up some morals in them too? Would there be conflict of interests if their was one big trade unions of terrorists in all categories? Would minority rights be protected in the face of jack-assing international terrorism?

Sunday, 7 March 2010

My Alter Egos!


Lazy Sunday Mornings!

When winters are like bygone dreams of a past era and you've got nothing better to do on lazy Sunday mornings than painting your nails, you take greats pains to get the desired results.
3 to 4 layers of Dry Martini By MAC; several minutes of paitence and blows to let the layers dry and then painting li'll red hearts on them, using No 7 polish and a pointed toothpick. I couldn't paint them on my right hand because my lefty aint as stable as I'd want it to.

Apologies for the bad quality of the photographs though!
*coffee cheers*

Friday, 5 March 2010

Pappu Kon Hai?

Pappu is a nine year old from slums of Orangi Town, Karachi. He belongs to a lower class family. His father is a riskshaw driver and mother stitches clothes for some extra money.

His favorite pastimes include spending time outdoors with his friends playing Qanchay (marbles), Patti (foosball) and Dabbu (carom board). He also loves to scare cats and pick up fights. He is a smart child but his future seems bleak because he is not getting any kind of direction at all right now.

He is smart; has a potential, will be a responsible member of the community.

But sadly, the way he is going on, he is going nowhere.

Pappu represents the underprivileged children belonging to low key areas of Karachi.

They could be responsible members of the community when they grow up but the path that they are taking would take their potential to waste and make them a liability to the society we exist in.

Lets help numerous Pappus out there. We can put them in schools and help them mould their lives to the best of their potential. So, Pakistan can also get advantage from them in the long run too. We want to make our society a better place and what better way to do it than educating the underprivileged, whom we know would grow up and be an important part of us. We call this phenomenon, Pappuism.

Help us promote Pappuism. By promoting Pappuism, you would actually be helping pappus to realize their potential and bring forth their talents on the world stage along with them educating their households.

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Inspire me!

Some call it a 'Piano ka green pen'; I call it inspiration!

Rain Rain,Come Again!

These are the last drops of rain today in Lahore. This is what dreams are made of in this part of the world! :-)

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

T for Tourism.

(On the Picadilly Line to Green Park) 30th July 2008:

Crowded trains,pointed eyeballs;
Sweaty armpits,cheesy phonecalls;
Tourists all around,looting the malls.
Italian men: dark, handsome and tall
Louis Vuitton bags around their ladies' waists small.

Shakuntala's mystery!

I had to prepare for an exam of chemistry,
but I was busy in the mystery,
of knowing about Shakuntala's history:
why did she wear a tee,
and sat beneath the Banyan tree.
Dug a moat around the tree and filled it with her pee;
then tried to sell it as hot coffee.
24/7 she sucked a toffee,
and stuck her chewed gum at the back of her knee.
Once,she got her bum stung by a honey bee:
cried out loud,"Just look at me"
People were like,"oye bibi,
"kuch te sharam ker ni"
Baffled, I wondered why did we,
in the name of help,offered her the house of thee.

When things get random...

I happened to bump into a new blog today the author of whom was as bored as I am and did a Meme as a post. I thought I'd do one too(copy + paste,you know), just to keep my blog breathing. But I couldn't figure out how to sign in to my latest blog. Didn't even remember which email id i was using for this blog, so the fact that I only have a couple of passwords that I keep allocating to all my online stuff, didn't help at all!
After trying out all my email IDs, including my mom's, I finally had the sense to click on 'forgot password'. Thus, started the long process of email upon email of account-recovery and password retrieval and warnings of not letting this happen again.
Its funny sometimes how these applications (twitter,blogspot,facebook etc) help you with issuing new passwords in such cases and at the same time expecting you to be ethical enough to not do carry on with it if you aren't the intended user.This is what is called "seeing the good in others"! :D
Among all this hoopla, my mood changed and now I don't want to do that Meme post. Alternatively, I'm planning to grab my camera (now that i finally have one) and morph this into more of a photo-blog!
But, I dont go out much and the place I live in now doesn't have much to be captured in terms of photographs(inside and/or outside).Not as great views as they used to be a decade ago, with all the three-storied cement houses cropping up around us! I'll try anyway....
While I was making random attempts of signing in to this blog, I somehow managed to put two and two together of the username and password of my previous blog! *tch tch at me* I had nothing to contribute there, as I've already proclaimed that blog 'dead'.I didn't feel like playing God and invoking fresh spirits into dead blogs. I would like to link the poem I've posted there as a momento nonetheless:

There's so much random(read: idiotic/spotaneous/silly) poetry that I've construed over the years and left at random places to be picked up by complete strangers,being read and then let them get suspicious about the sanity of the author.LOL.

P.S. Notice how I'm making so many paragraphs today. Feels like my last year in O Levels English! *sigh*