Saturday, 13 March 2010

Minority Rights!

Yesterday was seriously bad! With 8 bomb blasts in beloved Lahore, everyone was scared to death! When bombs start blowing right up your backyard, there is no other way than becoming a scared piece of whimpering shit!

Today was a befitting aftermath: deserted roads and a lifeless Lahore. The terrorists got what they wanted. Crippling local economy, sucking the soul of the city, they must be feeling like Gods after seeing the panic and fear last night!
There must a million other avenues these blasts must have affected, directly and indirectly, but I was thinking of those petty theives who earn up their 'dihaaris' in the evenings when the eating-out and shugal mela that is the cultural identity of Lahore, is at its peak!

These sneaks are as much a part of our culture as eating out. Subconsciously, one is trained not to flast their Iphones in public, or open up your window when talking on a cellphone at a traffic signal. Tidbits like leaving your wallet in plain view in a locked car or travelling alone(especially if you are a girl) with cash, is a big NO NO!!!

When panic such as yesterday's, result in people sucking up their lollipops in their houses and barren bazaars, how do these 'thugs' survive? Do they starve in their homes as well? Are they among the unfortunates blown up too? Are they as against terrorism on the major level as the next door plumber, given that they use the same tactics on a smaller scale to earn their 'livelihood'? Does attacks like these make them question their scruples and cook up some morals in them too? Would there be conflict of interests if their was one big trade unions of terrorists in all categories? Would minority rights be protected in the face of jack-assing international terrorism?

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