Wednesday, 3 March 2010

When things get random...

I happened to bump into a new blog today the author of whom was as bored as I am and did a Meme as a post. I thought I'd do one too(copy + paste,you know), just to keep my blog breathing. But I couldn't figure out how to sign in to my latest blog. Didn't even remember which email id i was using for this blog, so the fact that I only have a couple of passwords that I keep allocating to all my online stuff, didn't help at all!
After trying out all my email IDs, including my mom's, I finally had the sense to click on 'forgot password'. Thus, started the long process of email upon email of account-recovery and password retrieval and warnings of not letting this happen again.
Its funny sometimes how these applications (twitter,blogspot,facebook etc) help you with issuing new passwords in such cases and at the same time expecting you to be ethical enough to not do carry on with it if you aren't the intended user.This is what is called "seeing the good in others"! :D
Among all this hoopla, my mood changed and now I don't want to do that Meme post. Alternatively, I'm planning to grab my camera (now that i finally have one) and morph this into more of a photo-blog!
But, I dont go out much and the place I live in now doesn't have much to be captured in terms of photographs(inside and/or outside).Not as great views as they used to be a decade ago, with all the three-storied cement houses cropping up around us! I'll try anyway....
While I was making random attempts of signing in to this blog, I somehow managed to put two and two together of the username and password of my previous blog! *tch tch at me* I had nothing to contribute there, as I've already proclaimed that blog 'dead'.I didn't feel like playing God and invoking fresh spirits into dead blogs. I would like to link the poem I've posted there as a momento nonetheless:

There's so much random(read: idiotic/spotaneous/silly) poetry that I've construed over the years and left at random places to be picked up by complete strangers,being read and then let them get suspicious about the sanity of the author.LOL.

P.S. Notice how I'm making so many paragraphs today. Feels like my last year in O Levels English! *sigh*

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