Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Hair length!

Have you noticed how most of the women in Pakistan have what might be considered the 'appropriate' hair length?

Fashion trends in Pakistan are constant-er than the constant in Dot Physics, including hair length. Short hair are a big no-no in the monochromatic fashion-dom of Pakistan. However, gone are the days when it was considered criminal (with a good dollop of superstitions) to see a girl's hair being snipped off with a pair of scissors. The midway consensus is, i guess, the 'boob length'.

Its strange when so-called fashionistas try to cover up their lack of dopattas by splaying their hair all over the front of their kurtas.

On the contrary, they might be doing so to attract attention to their curves. An example of this might be an episode of Mathira's late night show on Vibe TV, where a pervert asked her to take her hair away from her front, so that he could feast his eyes.

Whatchya say to that: is it their notion of modesty or are they trying to divert attention in a subtle manner, to their assets?

Friday, 27 August 2010

Gone with the wind!

I know I've disappeared again. Sowwie.

I have been thinking of starting to post again, but I'm still in the process of convincing myself. I have a barrage of excuses with which I have deluded myself that I need an expert help on tweaking my blog page.

I want to divorce the Kay of me from the cursed Tee-ness. Atleast for my blog.

One thing that I do regret is posting my link in other people's blog's comment section, so that they might accidentally come back to read me (no matter how lame it might be). This blog is extremely private and I don't want anyone to lay their eyes upon it *filmy ishtyle*

I have loads of retrospective posts and updates to do. Hopefully will catch up if mood be! The moodswings are my Lord!