Friday, 27 August 2010

Gone with the wind!

I know I've disappeared again. Sowwie.

I have been thinking of starting to post again, but I'm still in the process of convincing myself. I have a barrage of excuses with which I have deluded myself that I need an expert help on tweaking my blog page.

I want to divorce the Kay of me from the cursed Tee-ness. Atleast for my blog.

One thing that I do regret is posting my link in other people's blog's comment section, so that they might accidentally come back to read me (no matter how lame it might be). This blog is extremely private and I don't want anyone to lay their eyes upon it *filmy ishtyle*

I have loads of retrospective posts and updates to do. Hopefully will catch up if mood be! The moodswings are my Lord!


  1. You did not even post the link on my blog's comment section, still I did end up here.

    Anyway, I wrote a blogpost-size reply to your comment on my post and Google screwed it up. It just disappeared and the page refreshed. It was huge and now I need to sit down, squeeze in half an hour to rethink my words and retype them. Lets see.

  2. Oopsie Daisy, I'm very technically handicapped when it comes to sites such as blogspot or twitter.
    I have been visiting your Mathira post a couple of times to see if you've replied, but given the tragedy that u mentioned above, I can totally understand the lack of a reply.