Monday, 27 September 2010


The day after B had his 8th birthday, Z called him like this: "Oyii, Aath-Saala, meri baat suno idhar aa ker."

An indignant B rushed off to Mom and complains: "Bhai ne mujhe gaali di hai. He called me 'Aath-Saala'."


What do you call 'andhay' in English?

B, after much contemplation: "Don't-See-Man."


B, Z and Sam whiling away time during a loadshedding schedule:

Z: "Did you know B, that we picked up Sam from Peshawar. She was an abandoned baby."

B looks at Sam for affirmation and she nods.

B: "Liar! I'll go ask Mom and Dad. I know both of you are pulling my leg."

Mom and Dad were in on the joke so they said yes to the enquiry.

B thinks the whole matter through, comes sit by Sam and says, "OK, I'm un-sistering you now."


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