Monday, 20 September 2010


When an ex-rebound fling of mine (with whom I have to precariously manage a platonic relationship with, due to numerous reasons) text me out of the blue and tell me I resemble a pornstar (Eva Angelina), is it justice enough that I crush his balls with a nutcracker?


  1. Ouch!

    What balls the guy has (or maybe not after the nutcracker/castrating incident) to pull such shit off.

  2. You should give consideration to the comments of the people who are real gem, as they have a great impact on your life , they are sincere and have much better understanding of life, atleast they think twice before comparing you to something which is disgusting . A good way to judge other is to look how much respect you find in their words and thoughts.

  3. And he took offense at the fact that I did not feel flattered at such praise! I'd rather be a kaali, moti bhains than a pornstar!