Thursday, 21 October 2010


Life is like a game of Minesweeper. There are boxes where you know there is a bomb and you can calculate your steps and move safely around it, but at some points, there is no choice except to take the risk and gamble your whole game and statistics on that one click.
At certain reckless moments, when you just click around randomly, you do make blunders and lose games; those losses could have been avoided had you practiced restraint and care. It sometimes leads to a twinge of regret too.
Victory is always sweet, even if you didn’t break the time record.
But one thing to note is that whether you win or lose the game, you always have to start anew to carry on. It is a clean slate after every ending; the winnings of one game do not carry forward to compensate for the losses of another. You can either stop after that game and shut down the laptop, or you can play more games and better your overall statistics. The choice is all yours!

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  1. Never thought it was possible to equate life with minesweeper. Come to think of it, life is indeed an ultra-advanced game of minesweeper.
    MINESWEEPER! Still can't believe it.